What to find on this Blog

Vedic way of life is a vast subject. It embraces all aspects of existence. It explores all phenomena that we experience. It seeks answers to fundamental and deep questions of our very existence.

We can make more connect with it if we focus on various elements or sub categories of this vast body of knowledge.

Therefore, this blog collates posts into major areas of interest for the reader. Considering the size and complexity of the subject, my effort is a modest step in that direction.

These major areas of interest, are displayed as pages. Click page to go straight to the subject.

An indicative chart of subject and contents is given below. It helps to get a gist of what each page offers.

Vedic (Hindu) Dharma

Vedas | Vedic Religion | Symbolism | Upanishads | Scriptures | Culture


Calm | Peace | Bliss | Deep understanding of True Happiness


Nature | Ayurveda | Food & Nutrition | Mental Health


Serenity | Non-Violence | Social Justice


Science of Yoga | Meditation | Pranayama | Deep Meditation | Holistic Health