My name is Vipin Labroo and I am fortunate to be born a Hindu. I am a Husband, father, sibling and friend to some outstanding and wise people. Most importantly I am a student to those great minds whom it is not my good fortune to meet and bow down to.

Is being born a Hindu enough?

There is so much to this great tradition that one lifetime may not be enough to practice its teachings. The complexities arise because of our lack of knowing Sanskrit language. Add to that the multiple interpretations of our teachers. And extinction of our religious texts. The result is an isolation of sorts. We have a a wealth of vedic knowledge and wisdom, but we do not have the key to unlock this vast treasure.

I felt the need to understand the foundational interpretation of our Shastras and texts. The more I read the more I know how much we are missing. My mission to interpret and convey the basic concepts of our great culture and Hindu Dharma is born out of this very need.

It is a mission of self discovery. My obeisance to our great Rishis and Munis who put together a tradition that is the world’s oldest living spiritual religion. Every word here belongs to them except any errors that my inadequate training may have caused.

It shines bright and will continue to shine!!

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