Hindus have many gods. Right?
Hindus have many gods. Right?

Hindus have many gods. Right?

No. Actually One. Unequivocally.
Multiple Gods and Goddesses

Multiple Goddesses and Gods? Multiple deities? Even Ishwar is presented as a trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.

It is a paradox.

To answer this question we go to the Veda. The declaration of Vedas is unambiguous. Ultimate reality is one. It is referred to as Brahman or God. Hindus believe Brahman to be the foundation of all that exists, all that shines in the light of consciousness and all that is blissful. Or Sat – Chit – Anand.

Brahman exists everywhere (Sarvavyapak), without form (Nirakar), infinite (Ananth), without attributes (Nirgun) and without beginning (Anadi). It is one single all pervading reality, in and as everything. Brahman is the foundation of all. Everything that we see and experience in this world is a manifestation of Brahman, like waves arising out of the the ocean.

Understanding this one ultimate Brahman or God

Brahman is not an ‘object’ or a ‘person’ or even a ‘being’, therefore, cannot be observed or defined in terms of  a physical entity. It is beyond the capability of our senses, beyond our mind and intellect to comprehend. 

Kena Upnishad in its wisdom proclaims “ The eye does not reach there, nor does speech, nor the mind” (K. Up. 1-3) and “ That Brahman is different from all known objects, it is beyond even unknown objects. This is what we have heard from our ancient seers” (K. Up.1-4)

We can see that this abstract concept of Brahman is likely to bewilder an unprepared mind. It is not easy to understand. It can only be realized or experienced within ourselves. If he is always everywhere, around and inside us, why is it so difficult to ‘visualize” or ‘connect’ with God. Because our minds are not pure and disciplined. We are not spiritually initiated. We are under a veil of ignorance. The viel of ignorance can only be lifted by following spiritual discipline and study. A learned Guru is needed to help us get a glimpse of this ultimate reality. 

The Dilemma

How do we cut across this dilemma. We need pray to and love God. Our relationship with god needs to be direct and intimate like that of a mother and her child. Darshan (Visualisation), Bhakti (Devotion) and Upasana (Worship) create a direct linkage with God.

To resolve this dilemma Hindus created a unique methodology around these paths.

Do read the next post to find out how Hindus worked out a brilliant solution around this problem.

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