Three Benign Entities
Three Benign Entities

Three Benign Entities

These powerful deities shower their bounties on us, if we care to bow to them.

This Hymn from Rig Veda – 1.13.9 introduces us to a unique trio of three entities, who are worthy of goddess stature. These three are Ila – our own Mother tongue or language, Saraswati – our Mother culture and civilisation, Mahi – our Motherland. Per Rig Veda, these three benign entities always protect us and ensure our welfare. Let us offer our utmost respect, with devotion and reverence. On our part, let us always protect them from degradation and encroachment. Let us seat them in our heart with love, respect and devotion.

What a powerful and elevated ideal

The message and its importance are very direct and impactful. The status of this trio is elevated to the highest pedestal, deserving utmost obeisance.

Let us relate this holy trinity with the world around us

Mother Tongue : (Matribhasha)  We should first learn our own language. This connects us with our ancestry and promotes social bonding. We may learn other languages, but our first duty is to learn, use and propagate our own language.

Mother Culture : (Matrisamskriti) Custom, cuisine, clothing, festivals, literature and handicrafts all embody a cumulative richness passed down from our forefathers. We should be proud of our heritage and not criticise it. Many criticise Bhartiya Sabhyata (Indian culture), in favour of blind adulation for western norms and culture. Nothing wrong with learning new cultures, but degrading our own is an absolute sin.

Mother Land: (Matribhoomi) She is worshipped as Mother India. It is the solemn duty of all citizens of Bharatvarsha to love and defend her. We should be willing to die for our motherland if there is any transgression on her soil. We should fight every aggressor who dares to step on an inch of her soil. Motherland is worthy of unconditional reverence. In her lap, we experience serenity, safety and bliss.

Three goddesses

They are with us, around us, all the time. Are we aware of them? Do we pledge our allegiance to them all the time? Do we love and respect them from the depths of our hearts? Are we strong enough to stand with our three mothers, come rain or sunshine?

It’s time we did!

इळा सरस्वती मही तिस्रो देवीर्मयोभुवः | बर्हि सीवन्त्वस्रिधः || (ऋग्वेद 1.13.9)(ऋग्वेद 1.13.9)

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